There is always an arrangement suitable for any occasion. The majority of work we do is catered to specific orders and it’s something we love experimenting with. Wondering what occasions we do arrangements for? Here are a few widely varying examples we can tell you about.

New Baby
Any home is a more welcoming place when there is a bunch of flowers on the table. Out baby bouquets are a very popular order, and always themed to whether we’re making it for the mothers of a lucky baby girl or boy.

This is becoming a very popular occasion for ordering special bouquets. Usually these are small bunches that are designed to match the graduation gown that someone is wearing.

Moving Home
Sometimes we receive orders from people looking to send flowers to someone that has recently moved home; it’s a much better gift than a card or box of chocolates as it really does brighten up the new space.

Passed Driving Test
It used to be a running joke that learner drivers who just passed would be given a bottle of alcohol to celebrate. Those of course who are in a more serious and less foolhardy state of mind when helping someone celebrate the achievement would be prone to sending them flowers. It is miles better than a car freshener for sure.

Hospital Stay
Nobody want to be spending a long time in hospital whether it's an oncological clinic or a general ward, so show someone that you care with a tasteful basket that will brighten up the bedside.

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